Narrative Artist & Photographer

Hannah Munroe

​Hannah Munroe


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Hannah Munroe  is a narrative photographer, poet and speaker. Her haunting and evocative surreal images are the product of the interchange between her private life and imaginative world.

She utilizes the camera to capture her imagination by digitally merging multiple pictures together to create dynamic scenes that tell passionate and poignant tales. 

​Munroe began photography in 2014.  She is self-taught. She was a presenter and workshop teacher at the 2021 Connecticut Professional Photographers Association 72nd Annual Photography Convention. She is an active award-winning member with Flagpole Photographers in Newtown, CT.

Her image Spine of Boxes received honorable mention at the Winter 2021 New England Camera Club Council Pictorial Competition and The Paper Dress received 2nd place at NECCC 2020 Winter Pictorial Competition. In March 2020, she was the recipient of five nominee awards from the 6th Fine Art Photography Awards.

Born in Massachusetts, she currently lives in Bethel, CT with her two school-age children.