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Hannah Munroe

Conceptual Artist


Photographer          Hannah Munroe         Nonni Studios         nonnistudios.net         Phone: 1-203-788-7270         email: hmunbarclay@comcast.net



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Creating an image is similar to writing a novel.  Just like each story’s length waxes and wanes to tell a specific tale, so do the dimensions of my images. 

Images are printed on Hahnemühle German Etching Paper.
This high quality photographic archival paper is a heavier weight than standard photo
 paper while being similar in density and texture to watercolor paper.

Artwork is signed using a custom digital signature in the style of each piece.
Handwritten signature requests are honored.

All images are examined by the artists before shipping and include a letter of
authenticity signed by the artist.

Requests for precise dimensions, additional sizes and alternate printing formats are welcomed.

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