C r e a t i v e  P h o t o g r a p h e r

H a n n a h   M u n r o e


Business, social media, modeling and acting and more

​$125 and up. Digital images.

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and workshops are offered to photography clubs, high school and college photography and digital arts programs.

     Prices vary upon individual requests. Most presentations fees begin at $250.


1hr $75.00​   1.5 hrs $100   

Tutoring in person or via Skype

additional services available

Fees may vary depending on requests and travel


Photographer          Hannah Munroe         Nonni Studios.         nonnistudios.net         Phone: 1-203-788-7270.         email: hmunbarclay@comcast.net



Average fee is $500 for 10 digital images. Printed images begin at $650

Commissioned Fine Art Images: 



$500 and up for digital images

​​​nonni studios

Hannah Munroe