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  October 2019
   Solo Exhibition. Newtown Municipal Center, Newtown, CT

  August 10 - November 2,  2018
     Solo Exhibition.  Emerge. Gallery @287.  Cultural Alliance of Western CT, 287 Main Street, Danbury, CT
  April 13- May 26, 2018
     Solo Exhibition. Emerge. Select images. Byrds Bookstore, Bethel, CT
  March 2017, 2018, 2019
      Group Exhibition. Wilton Arts Council Exhibition, Wilton Public Library, Wilton CT, USA
  April 2017
      Group Exhibition. Flagpole Photographers Club Annual Exhibition, Newtown Pubic Library, Newtown, CT
  October 2016-Dec 2016
      Group Exhibition. Bethel Art Space, Bethel CT, USA
  Sept 2016-October 2016
      Solo exhibition. Dynamic.  Bethel Public Library, Bethel, CT,  USA

Workshop Presented and Organized

   Saturday, October 26, 2019   Composite Photography: Capturing The Imagination 9:30 am -6:30 pm 

 Composite Photography: Capturing The Imagination

     October 3, 2019 Killingly High School. Photography and Digital Arts Students, Killingly, CT

​     July 2019 Arts on The Lake Photography Club, Carmel, NY

     June 2019 Milford Photo, Milford, CT
     March 2019 Candlewood Camera Club, Danbury, CT


Monday, October 14, 2019 Newtown Bee: Photographic Storyteller at Municipal Center This Month


Sunday, April  29, 2018  Sunday CT Post:
    Hannah Munroe’s Other-Worldy Photographs Are As Haunting As They Are Romantic, by Joel Lang

Photographer          Hannah Munroe         Nonni Studios         nonnistudios.net         Phone: 1-203-788-7270.         email: hmunbarclay@comcast.net

Curriculum Vitae

Nominee Conceptual Category Her Performance 
Nominee Open Category Justice
​Nominee Fine Art Category The Critics
Nominee Photo Manipulation category: Punctured and The Critics



6th Fine Art Photography Awards


​    1st Place     Punctured.          February 2020          Flagpole Photographers Open A Digital

    2nd Place    Her Paper Dress  Winter Competition   New England Camera Club Inter-club Digital A Pictorial

    1st Place     Justice                January 2020           Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital

    ​1st Place     The Critics          October 2019            Flagpole Photographer, Assigned Subject Creative Artistry
    1st Place     Anew                  September 2019       Flagpole Photographers, Digital Open Class A
    2nd Place    Rhapsodic           June 2019                Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital
    1st Place     The Game           May 2019                 Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital
    2nd Place     Simmer              February 2019          Flagpole Photographers, Assigned Subject A

    1st Place     Mischievous        October 2018           Flagpole Photographers, Assigned Subject A
    3rd Place     Glance               October 2018           Flagpole Photographers, Print Open Color
    2nd Place    The Choice          September 2018      Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital 
    1st Place     Derecho              June 2018               Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital 
    2nd Place    Exhale                February 2018         Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital

    Honorable Mention    Pensive  Winter 2018            New England Camera Club Inter-club Digital A Pictorial
    2nd Place    The Canopy         January 2018          Flagpole Photographers,Open A Digital 
    1st Place     The Dinner Guest                   Oct 2017     Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital
    2nd Place    The Girl Who Picked Mangos    Sept 2017   Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital 

    Honorable Mention  Tilling a Life...             Spring 2017 New England Camera Club Inter-club Digital A Pictorial   

    1st Place     Sabotage and Hope                June 2017    Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital
    Judges’ Best in Show Award     Pensive      April  2017   Flagpole Photographers, Annual Exhibition 
    Honorable Mention                  Jammin’     April  2017   Flagpole Photographers, Annual Exhibition    
    3rd Place     Peek-A-Boo!                          April 2017    Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital    
    1st Place    Interconnected and Independent    March 2017 Flagpole Photographers, Open A Digital        

    1st Place     Cascading Desire     November  2016     Flagpole Photographers Open A Digital
    1st Place     Within                    November  2016      Flagpole Photographers Assigned Subject A
    2nd Place    Mysterè                  October 2016          Flagpole Photographers Digital Open A   

    Honorable Mention    Mysterè                   Winter 2016-2017     New England Camera Club Inter-club Digital A Pictorial
    Honorable Mention    Cascading Desire      Winter 2016-2017     New England Camera Club Inter-club Pictorial Print A 


  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hannah Munroe
     Bethel, CT 06801, USA
     Phone           203-788-7270
     Email            hmunbarclay@comcast.net
     Website        www.nonnistudios.net
     Facebook      www.facebook.com/HannahBMunroe
     Instagram    www.instagram.com/hbmunroe/

      Oct 2016-Present  Flagpole Photographers’ Club, Newtown, CT USA

Conferences Attended
      July 15-17, 2016    NECCC University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USAType your paragraph here.

H a n n a h    Mu n r o e  


Hannah Munroe

Conceptual Artist