​​​nonni ​studios

H a n n a h    Mu n r o e  


Hannah Munroe

Conceptual Artist



With myself as the model, my stories became noticeably edgier and rawer. 

We are all the subject of our own stories and dramas during this time.

I invite you to find comfort in our connection to loss, hardship, loneliness and anger. 

Our tales differ, but the emotions we share.  


Wishing you love and kindness. And joy.


Photographer          Hannah Munroe         Nonni Studios.         nonnistudios.net         Phone: 1-203-788-7270.         email: hmunbarclay@comcast.net


The images in this collection I created during COVID-19.

I became the subject of most of the images. Posing and photographing myself, I morphed into different characters to convey the stories within me and danced between photographer and model.