Hannah Munroe


​​​Each image is unique in size. 

Creating an image is similar to writing a novel.  Just like each story’s length waxes and wanes to tell a specific tale, so do the dimensions of these fine art images.

The dimensions listed are very close approximations. And for the ease of purchasing have been listed from Small-Large. Requests for precise dimensions are always honored. Please email or call.


Images are printed on Hahnemühle German Etching Paper.
This high quality photographic archival paper is a heavier weight than standard photo paper while being similar in density and texture to watercolor paper. Images are not framed. To request a framed image please email or call.

Open Editions vs Limited Editions

Open Edition prints have the words "Hannah Munroe Open Edition Print" on the bottom of the image. This is a more affordable option for many and for those with smaller spaces. Open edition prints do not sell out.

Limited Edition works are signed using a custom digital signature.  Each signature differs slightly to compliment the style of each piece. When an editions sells out only small open edition prints will be available

Handwritten signature requests are honored and are on the white border of the image.

Please email to request a hand signed image. 

Limited Edition images are accompanied with a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

All images are examined by the artists before shipping. 

For special requests and or to purchase please contact by phone or email.

Emails: please write "Image request purchase" in the subject area.

Large Images: Only three large size images will be sold. Large sizes may be customized.  Please contact for accurate price if a size is desired larger than the one listed.




​Limited Editions of 3


≈ 24 x 28




Purchasing Information


Limited Editions of ​10

​≈ 16 x 20

Conceptual Artist

Photographer          Hannah Munroe         Nonni Studios         nonnistudios.net         Phone: 1-203-788-7270         email: hmunbarclay@comcast.net


Open Editions

​≈ 8 x 10

H a n n a h   M u n r o e