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Hannah Munroe

​​​​​​​Fine Art Photographer

H a n n a h   M u n r o e


Fine Art Photographer Hannah Munroe is a photographic storyteller. She utilizes the camera and photoshop to compose and create images.  Composite photography allows her to fuse her love of design, fashion and photographing people with her imaginative storytelling abilities. By digitally merging multiple pictures together, she is able to create dramatic scenes around her subjects while telling passionate and poignant tales.  Her photographs are the product of the interchange between her private life and imaginative world.

Munroe began photography in 2014 when she enrolled in a six-class introductory course at a local art school.  She continues to teach herself through trial and error and by watching Youtube and Creative Live tutorials. She has been a member of the Flagpole Photographers in Newtown, CT since October 2016 and has won fifteen awards in its local and regional competitions. Born in Massachusetts, she currently lives in Bethel, CT with her two school-age children.

Her current collection Emerge, individuals struggling with identity and realizing the courage to experience joy, opened August 10th, 2018 and is on exhibit until November 2nd, 2018 @287 Gallery, Cultural Alliance of Western CT, Danbury, CT.

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